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Coil Collection

From Waste to Watts 

LightArt creates upcycled pendants with additive manufacturing using material from molecular and mechanically recycled material, as well as ocean-bound and nearshore plastic waste. 

Explore the collections of high-performance lighting that is as durable and functional as it is beautiful. 

Clear Coil Collection

Ocean Coil Collection

Coil Collection

Declare Label

The Coil Collection pendants are ready to be spec'd for Living Building Challenge, LEED V4.1, and all projects where material disclosure, optimization, and performance matter.

Declare Label certification is a rigorous and transparent materials transparency program developed by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). It is a valuable tool for architects, designers, and consumers to make informed decisions about the products they choose.

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Simply Beautiful

Introducing the Clear Coil Collection series of 100% molecularly recycled fixtures that embody LightArt’s expertise and commitment to innovative design and responsible manufacturing. These fixtures can stand alone or be utilized in a cluster for an eye-catching installation.

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Forging a Path to Zero Waste with a Great Design

We're upcycling waste into pendants with a breakthrough new line of fixtures. The Coil Collection results from intensive years of material research and development, featuring an unexpected look from a product made through additive manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing offers design flexibility, lightweight and efficient fixtures, and reduces material waste and energy consumption. The result is a collection of beautiful, durable, and functional commercial lighting.

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Ocean Coil 100% Made with Reclaimed Ocean Plastic

Upwards of eight million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year. To combat this, LightArt partnered with OceanWorks, the largest global marketplace for recycled plastic materials. OceanWorks with local teams around the world to collect, separate, and redistribute waste out of the ocean and into viable new products.

In Spring of 2022 LightArt introduced Seagrass and Sea Foam, 100% recycled pendants made from ocean-bound and nearshore waste. Learn more about the process of our new Ocean Coil series of pendants, here.

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    The image above is an example of nearshore plastic, which is a term that describes waste like fishing nets, trawls, and ropes. Our material supplier utilizes relationships with their global community to take the discarded items and process them into a viable material product. The Seagrass pendant is made up entirely from nearshore plastic, which is how it has the vibrant green color.

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    Ocean-bound plastics are waste found near coastlines, rivers, and waterways. It primarily consists of plastic bags, water bottles and other single use plastics that can easily find their way into the ocean. The Sea Foam pendant is made entirely from this type of material, with no additive coloring, keeping true to the creamy tones of the original material

Coil Take Back Program

LightArt proudly offers a Take Back Program for all Coil Collection products. Simply return the Coil fixture at the end of its lifecycle to be repurposed.

We'll supply packaging and cover shipping costs to make the process as easy as possible.

Reach out below to learn more.

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