Coil C1 - C7


Award-winning line of upcycled pendants, built from recycled material and turned into functional and beautiful designs.

  • Assembled with a PVC-free power cord and finished with a TGIC-free powdered coated hardware.

From Waste to Watts

Upcycled material waste into beautiful, functional lighting

Available Sizes

  • Lightart coil pendant style 1
    9"Dia x 11"H (STYLE C1)
  • Lightart coil pendant style 2
    8" Dia x 11" H (STYLE C2)
  • Lightart coil pendant style 3
    12" Dia X 9" H (STYLE C3)
  • Lightart coil pendant style 4
    11" Dia x 9" H (STYLE C4)
  • Lightart coil pendant style 5 2 5 1 5
    8" Dia x 12" H (STYLE C5)
  • Lightart coil pendant style 6 2 5 1 5
    9" Dia x 12" H (STYLE C6)
  • Lightart coil pendant style 7 2 5 1 5
    8" Dia X 12" H (STYLE C7)

Available Stock Materials

  • Lightart coil limestone material
  • Lilghtart coil white material
  • Lightart coil black material
  • Lightart coil red clay material
  • Lightart coil granite gray material

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