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The Acoustic Collection provides an opportunity to put an acoustic solution closer to the source of noise for optimal sound absorption. Perfect for educational facilities, office spaces, restaurants or lobbies and reception area.

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The possibilities are endless, and we're ready to take on any custom challenge. LightArt's talented team can take any shape, color, size, and form and bring your vision to life.

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Coil Collection

Coil Collection is a study in scale, color, lighting technology, and sustainable manufacturing.



Fully customizable line of hand-crafted fixtures with a 4-6 week lead time. Customize your dimensions, material, and lighting components, or stick with a standard set of sizes. With so many options, these fixtures are perfect for any application.

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Five X

Digital fabrication is the name of the game when it comes to merging crisp geometry with sculptural vision. Harnessing the full potential of our Five Axis machine and design know-how, Five X aims to bridge the gap between organic and rectilinear shapes.

Five X Isolated


LA2 Technologies applies innovations in electronics, materials, and fabrication techniques to create fixtures that feature integrated, proprietary, solid-state LED systems; thin-gauge, lightweight material in over 250+ color options; and a modular fabrication process to shorten lead time and minimize waste.

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LIGHTART Product Catalog 2019 1

Product Catalog

This brochure features our key products by type and family.

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  • Lightart casper brochure digital Page 1
  • Lightart acoustic brochure digital Page 1
  • Lightart ocean coil brochure 070522 Page 01
  • Lightart stratta baffle brochure 091322 Page 01
  • Lightart static links digital brochure 1
  • Lightart material woods brochure Page 01
  • Pages from lightart cylinder tuck brochure
  • Lightart declare infosheet v8 2021
  • Lightart coil collection trifold brochure cover
  • Light Art Echo Brochure 2020 cover
  • Acoustic Shade Brochure
  • Lightart education digital brochure Page 01
  • Healthcare brochure digitalversion 2023
  • 2017 Workplace booklet cover
  • Casper Brochure
  • Botanicals Brochure
  • IO brochure cover 2017
  • Acoustic Collection Brochure
  • Bullitt Center brochure digitalversion 2017
  • LA2 Connected Shapes Brochure
  • LA2 Connected Rings Elips Brochure
  • LA2 Connected Shapes V4 Brochure
  • Contour Brochure
  • Acoustic Collection Brochure2
  • Five X lightart brochure digital 2018 1
  • LightArt Sconce Brochure
  • Artisan Collection Cover Alt
  • Mobiles Cover

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Cleaning & Care

Download the Cleaning & Care instructions for LA2 Essentials, Contour, I/O, Five X, Collection, and Artisan fixtures.

Click here for Acoustic Collection material cleaning and specifications document. Includes fire and acoustic ratings, as well as care recommendations.

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