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  • Acoustic Restaurant Case Study (Portage Bay Cafe)


    LightArt installed Acoustic Echo in a busy restaurant in Seattle. Check out the results.

  • Acoustic Bar Case Study (Two Beers Brewing Co.)


    LightArt installed Acoustic Static fixtures inside a busy brewery. Watch and hear the difference as we improve their space to make it much for comfortable.

  • Acoustic Ring: Engineered Performance at Every Scale


    Acoustic specialist Zackery Belanger tests LightArts 12ft Acoustic Ring at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories in Geneva IL. We then shipped our ring back to Seattle and installed it at The Shop, an amazing space with some incredible cars old and new. Zackery describes how big spaces require big fixtures and LightArt has the solution with our Acoustic Rings.

  • Acoustic Echo Conference Room Test


    Zackery Belanger of Arcgeometer demonstrates the reverberation difference with and without the Acoustic Echo in a typical conference room.

  • Acoustic Static Links


    LightArt introduces the first modular acoustic lighting system. The new Static Links incorporates a unique hub attachment that allows for connected, customizable configurations. The new construction unlocks an unlimited design possibilities and for acoustic and lighting performance.

Cleaning & Care

Download the Cleaning & Care instructions for LA2 Essentials, Contour, I/O, Five X, Collection, and Artisan fixtures.

Click here for Acoustic Collection material cleaning and specifications document. Includes fire and acoustic ratings, as well as care recommendations.

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