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Accomplish acoustic and lighting goals in one versatile package with the Acoustic Collection. LightArt's research and development created a product line that puts an acoustic solution closer to the source of noise for optimal sound absorption. Perfect for educational facilities, office spaces, restaurants or lobbies and reception areas.

Sound Absorption

The Acoustics Collection offers an opportunity to integrate lighting and sound absorption closer to the source of noise for an optimal acoustic solution.

LightArt's Acoustic Testing

LightArt’s research and development team collaborated with acoustics expert Zackery Belanger of Arcgeometer in a pivotal partnership for the Acoustic Collection.

The ongoing effort includes laboratory and field measurements to yield a deep understanding of the performance of the Acoustic Collection as effective acoustic and lighting solutions.

Acoustic Testing
  • Key Terms

    Sabins are the total sound absorption of a surface or object. The number of sabins is equal to square feet of perfect absorption. For example, a LightArt Ring with 100 sabins is the same as a 10' x 10' region of perfection absorption.

    Reverberation is the tendency for sound to linger in space. Long reverberation times make speech difficult to understand, and short reverberation times are preferable for communication.

    Acoustic Testing is conducted at accredited laboratories to guarantee reliable data. Formal test reports of acoustic results are available upon request.

  • Light Art Acoustics Chart

    Acoustics and Size

    The reverberation time of a space is determined by its size, surface area, and the total amount of absorption within. LightArt’s acoustic collection is designed so each fixture delivers large amounts of absorption, and the total number of fixtures can be chosen to meet the acoustic goals of the space.

Declare Label

Sound absorbing Sola felt is made from 50% post consumer recycled polyethylene terephthalate otherwise known as PET. Commonly found in water bottles, PET is recycled into pellets and then extruded into a thin, soft fibers, which then are pressed into sheets creating a sustainable, acoustically impactful material.

Sola felt has also gone through material transparency documentation and has a LBC Red List Free Declare Label. Providing an eco-friendly solution for acoustical lighting applications.

Sola Declare Label 2020

Sound Illuminated

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    The open office plan: ideal for collaboration and creativity but noise and a lack of privacy can inhibit productivity.

  • Acoustics acoustic illlustration


    Many times, supplemental acoustic treatments are placed on walls and ceilings to absorb sound and curb the issue.

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    Light + Acoustic

    Now there is an acoustic and lighting solution that seamlessly blends in any space.

Sound Solutions

Available Stock Materials

Sola Felt utilizes 3form’s PET technology, incorporating 50% post-consumer recycled content. The material is designed to be environmentally sound, durable, and acoustically impactful.

Lightart sola felt colors
Acoustic Collection material cleaning and specifications

Acoustic Collection material cleaning and specifications document. Includes fire and acoustic ratings, as well as care recommendations.

Acoustics Brochure Billboard

Sound Illuminated

Acoustic Collection

Acoustic Isolated