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Go behind the scenes of our favorite projects, get inspired, have some fun, and maybe even learn something new!

LightArt Academy

  • Planet Forward: A Course in Optimized & Net Positive Materials


    LightArt's latest CEU is an educational video presentation focusing on optimized and net positive materials. The course functions as an overview for architects and interior designers on how to use product disclosures to meet advanced sustainability goals.

  • Introducing - LightArt Academy


    We all have the opportunity observe, listen, and learn. LightArt Academy is a quick, fun, and digestible way to learn some basic definitions connected to light and sound. Acoustician Zackery Balenger explains a few terms surrounding light and sound in a simple, yet informative way.

  • LightArt Academy - What is sound?


    One of the most basic terms in our language, yet what really is sound? In this episode we explore the energy and sounds of downtown Seattle, WA. Zackery walks us through a simple definition of a somewhat complex word.

  • LightArt Academy - What is reverberation?


    In this episode we travel to Elma Washington to an abandoned nuclear power plant where the 2nd largest reverberation chamber is located. NWAA resides somewhere in the concrete innards of the plant that has two huge cooling towers visible from miles away.

  • LightArt Academy - What is an echo?


    In this episode we travel to Elma, WA and explore a debunked abandoned nuclear power plant. We get access to enter an enormous cooling tower and demonstrate what an echo is...and isn't. Watch and listen as Zackery yells, you can hear his voice literally bouncing off the walls!

  • LightArt Academy - Why are some restaurants so loud?


    Have you ever been to a restaurant and ended up shouting to the people you are with? And then straining to hear what they are saying? By the time you leave your ears are ringing and your voice is horse. Why are some restaurants so loud?

  • LightArt Academy - How much absorption does a room need?


    In this episode Zackery demonstrates the difference sizes and shapes of acoustic solutions. Do they really make a difference in an empty conference room? Does it matter how big or small they are? You can hear the difference with each rotation as he answers the question - How much absorption does a room need? (best heard with headphones)

  • LightArt Academy - NRC & Sabins


    In this episode we travel back to NWAA Labs in Elma WA to rigorously test our revolutionary Acoustic Mobile. Zackery explains why in some cases we measure NRC vs sabins.


  • LightArt Acoustic Cube and Trapezoid


    The Acoustic Collection grows with the addition of the Cube and Trapezoid Shades. Continuing to create highly functional acoustic lighting solutions, LightArt introduces clean and contemporary forms with a high acoustic performance ratings.

  • LightArt - Testing the Acoustic Trellis


    Here at LightArt we are always testing new product so our clients receive the best possible results. In this test of the Acoustic Trellis, we make a prototype that we're just not happy with, we go back to the drawing board and make adjustments and improvements until the results in our data are up to standard.

  • LightArt's Acoustic Wings fixture - Before & After test


    Watch (and listen) as LightArt shows you the incredible difference our Wings fixture makes in an empty conference room.

  • Acoustics Challenges in Open Offices


    Acoustic Consultant Zackary Belanger runs through the challenges that come from open office spaces, and how you can help solve them.

  • Acoustic CEU trailer


    Everything is Acoustic- Our new CEU covering all things acoustic taught by acoustic specialist Zackery Belanger. Contact your local sales rep to learn more!

  • Maxell + LightArt Acoustic Collection = Echo


    LightArt introduces our Acoustic Collection featuring Echo fixture. We solved the two most common problems by combining lighting and acoustics.

  • LightArt Acoustic Testing


    LightArt did extensive testing of our acoustic material at NWAA Labs in Elma, WA. We wanted to give true results for our fixtures that combine lighting and acoustics.

  • LightArt Acoustic Collection - ECHO fixture test


    Zackery Belanger of Arcgeometer demonstrates the reverberation time with, and without ECHO in a typical conference room.

  • LightArt - 12ft Acoustic Ring: Well Engineered Performance at Every Scale


    Acoustic specialist Zackery Belanger tests LightArts 12ft Acoustic Ring at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories in Geneva IL. We then shipped our ring back to Seattle and installed it at The Shop, an amazing space with some incredible cars old and new. Zackery describes how big spaces require big fixtures and LightArt has the solution with our Acoustic Rings.

Case Studies

  • Acoustic Echo One - Product Details


    The Echo One light fixture can address spaces asking for a feature piece, serving as a geometric focal point with notable acoustic properties. Despite being a stand-alone item, the Echo One maintains an NRC rating of over 1.2.

  • The Coil Collection | Process


    Over 2 years of research and development, trial and error, and traveling the country, the Coil Collection was finally born. Instead of going into a landfill, the cut-off (or scrap) from our material we use to make our fixtures is repurposed and made into beautiful, elegant, ceramic like pendants.

  • Coil Collection


    LightArt explains the process of creating the upcycled Coil Collection pendants. Working with parent company 3form we discovered new design opportunities for the base material. The Coil Collection is the result of those discoveries, includes a collection of seven pendant styles that folds handmade and material science into an exciting new lighting application.

  • LightArt 6ft Acoustic Ring: Case Study - Conference Room Before & After


    Watch and listen as acoustic specialist Zackery Belanger demonstrates the drastic difference of a typical conference room before and after LightArt's 6ft Acoustic Ring is brought in.

  • LightArt ECHO - Acoustic Case Study (Portage Bay Cafe)


    LightArt installed our acoustic fixture ECHO in Seattle's Portage Bay Cafe. The owners and staff immediately notice the difference and are thrilled to have a much more comfortable space to work in. Watch to see more!

  • LightArt STATIC - Acoustic Case Study (Two Beers Brewing Co.)


    LightArt installed our STATIC fixtures in Seattles Two Beers Brewing Company recently. Watch and hear the difference as we improve their space to make it a much more comfortable environment. Watch to see more!

  • Dichroic Butterfly Mobile


    We take a closer look at a cluster of dichroic butterflies. This installation is a for sure way to have material play off light, while creating an engaging art installation.

  • Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP: Ribbon Restoration


    LightArt created a custom linear ribbon fixture for Seattle law firm Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro's office back in 2009. The firm recently relocated, and wanted to take the custom light sculpture with them to their new offices.

  • LightArt - Indigo Farm


    This last summer LightArt visited an indigo farm just outside of Seattle, WA. We dyed silk and learned just how magical this process really is with the help of Karen from Biotanical Colors.

  • BOA Plaza Lobby - Custom Ribbon Sculpture


    LightArt worked with the Redline Design Group to create a 110'L custom ribbon sculpture to occupy the BOA Plaza lobby in Charlotte, NC.

Seattle Studio

  • LightArt Product Portfolio


    A highlight reel of LightArt's popular products including the Acoustic Collection, LA2 Connected and the Artisan line of sculptural designs. These are just some of the many innovative lighting designs that are a part of LightArt's overall collection.

  • LightArt studio tour: Wanted Design + ICFF


    Tour our studio virtually with our friends at ICFF and Wanted Design for this year's CLOSEUP virtual trade show.

  • Interior Design Product Live with LightArt


    LightArt's founder and Creative Director Ryan Smith joins Interior Design Magazine's Managing Director Helene Oberman for a Product Live interview. In this edited version Ryan discusses the challenges creating the award winning Coil Collection. He walks through design iterations and the process of utilizing internal material falloff to produce a breakthrough fixture.

  • LightArt - Handmade in Seattle


    Here at the Seattle Studio, we love what we do! All of our fixtures are made to order and hand-crafted by our skilled team of designers, engineers, artisans and fabricators.

  • LightArt - Who We Are


    LightArt creates creative, original lighting products and custom sculptural pieces. Ryan Smith, President and Creative Director and Ahna Holder International Sales Director tell how LightArt started.

  • LA2 Connected Shapes


    LA2 Connected is custom lighting without the custom cost. Using a standardized kit of parts, you can specify unique configurations tailored to meet the needs of each project and budget.

  • LightArt - Quality Control Strength


    Della, Ahna, and James demonstrate just how strong our LightArt Casper Beam really is. It's jumped on, danced on, hand standed on, and run over by a heavy electric bicycle. The Casper Beam simply takes a lick'n and keeps on tick'n!

  • LightArt - Quality Control (Durability)


    Jeff demonstrates that our wall sconce fixtures can definitely take a beating. Whether it's banged, bonked, karate chopped, slapshotted, or punched, our lights always stay on.

  • LED: Lighting Education for Designers (CEU 2015 Trailer)


    Technology changes, so we've updated our CEU to include new advancements. Contact your local rep today to learn about lighting history, current technology, color temperature, and more!

  • CONFLUENCE: Seattle to Lyon, the making of Five X - Abridged


    Watch the abridged version of LightArt's trip to Lyon and the making of the Five X.


  • Coil Collection | Reclaimed Ocean Plastics


    LightArt Introduces 100 Percent Recycled Coil Pendants Made with Reclaimed Ocean Plastic The award-winning lighting studio makes waves with its latest collection expansion.

  • Full Circle Foundation


    LightArt and 3form travelled to Senegal, west Africa, to experience firsthand the micro-saving programs in two villages near Ndem. The trip gave us the opportunity to check in with the participants one-on-on and sit in on a group meeting. The growth and development of micro-saving programs hang on the communities support and is vital to future successes.

  • Align: Don’t choose between beautiful or sustainable design. Choose both.


    The 3form family of companies, including 3form, LightArt, EFI, and Springboard, are launching Align: a poignant platform of earth- and people-centric initiatives focused on three main pillars: people, product, and planet. The Align program represents the culmination of 17+ years of commitment to sustainability at 3form, and is an effective re-doubling of their efforts to pursue environmentally & socially responsible design.