Lighting In All Shapes And Sizes

LA2 Technologies applies innovations in electronics, materials, and fabrication techniques to create sustainable Declare label fixtures that feature integrated, proprietary, solid-state LED systems; thin-gauge, lightweight material in over 250+ color options; and a modular fabrication process to shorten lead time and minimize waste. 

Declare Label

Download the LBC Red List Approved Declare label info sheet.

The entire line of LA2, including LA2 Essentials, Slim Rings & Beams, the Connected Rings and modular Shapes, are ready to be spec'd for Living Building Challenge, LEED V4.1, and all projects where material disclosure, optimization, and performance matter.

Lightart LA2 PVC Free Fixtures Declare Label

Limitless Combinations

From the geometric Essentials line that includes drum, box, beam, and sconce fixtures to the modular Shapes and Rings, along with the space-conscious Slim line; LA2 Collection offers a lighting versatility in style, size, and color that is hard to beat.

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Modular Design, Endless Solutions

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Elevating the Basics

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Connected to Your Space

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