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Versatile and Dynamic

Fully customizable line of hand-crafted fixtures with a 4-6 week lead time. Customize your dimensions, material, and lighting components, or stick with a standard set of sizes. With so many options, these fixtures are perfect for any application.

Simply Beautiful

The Collection series embodies LightArt’s touchpoint products that include the Coil and Contour pendants, along with Casper series. These fixtures can stand alone as a or be utilized in a cluster for an eye-catching installation.

Forging a Path to Zero Waste with a Great Design

We're upcycling waste into pendants with a breakthrough new line of fixtures. Introducing: the Coil Collection! This collection is a result of over two years of research and development, featuring an unexpected look from a product made through additive manufacturing. Coil pendants look and feel like crafted, hand-spun pottery with a smooth matte finish.


Fixtures Perfect for Any Application

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Upcycling Elegance

  • The Coil Collection from LightArt


    Introducing a breakthrough new line of seven upcycled pendants from LightArt. Over two years of internal research and development, the Coil Collection addresses a central question the industry is facing: What can we do with falloff material?


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Customizable Fixtures