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Clear Coil Collection represents a groundbreaking advancement in sustainable design, utilizing molecularly recycled materials.

Molecular recycling uses plastics that are unsuitable for mechanical recycling, such as synthetic fibers in clothing, carpet fibers, dense plastic containers, packaging, and so much more.

LED modular with single light emitting source, thermally managed construction to provide optimal performance.

It is assembled with a PVC-free cord and is finished with TGIC-free powder-coated hardware.

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Available Sizes
  • 12" Dia x 11" H
  • Clear coil m1 black on 4k rgb
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    Investing in molecular recycling allows us to fill in the gaps left by mechanical recycling, which alone only allows for a smaller amount of plastic waste to be recycled. Molecular now offers a wider variety of plastic waste, such as synthetic fibers in clothing, carpet fibers, dense plastic containers, packaging, and so much more.

    Compared to the traditional mechanical recycling process, which is limited to specific sources of plastic waste that can be recycled a finite number of times, molecular recycling can break down a much broader range of waste an infinite number of times. By integrating this technology into their manufacturing process, LightArt can increase the recycled content used in their materials without compromising aesthetic value or quality.

Declare Label

The Clear Coil Collection pendants are ready to be spec'd for Living Building Challenge, LEED V4.1, and all projects where material disclosure, optimization, and performance matter.

Declare Label certification is a rigorous and transparent materials transparency program developed by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). It is a valuable tool for architects, designers, and consumers to make informed decisions about the products they choose.

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From Waste to Watts

Upcycling waste into beautiful, functional, and resilient lighting

Available Sizes

  • Clear coil line art m1
    12" Dia x 11" H

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  • Clear coil material

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