Ocean Coil O3


Made with 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastic.

  • Coil Collection is a breakthrough in material science and design.
  • The Ocean Coil O3 pendant takes it's shape from the unique forms of the sea.
  • Available in small 6.7" Dia and large 13.5" Dia–easily specified as a singular pendant or clustered arrangements.
  • Available in three colorways all made from ocean-bound and nearshore plastic, which is waste found near coastlines, rivers, and waterways that would eventually find their way into the ocean.
  • Ocean Coil material is provided by OceanWorks, one of the largest plastic action platforms.
  • The stock material's colors come directly from the original material it is upcycled from, such as single use plastic water bottles and plastic bags, to fishing nets, trawls and rope.

  • Ocean coil o3 large marina white straight lit
  • Read more about the new Coil Collection pendants made from reclaimed ocean plastics.

From Waste to Watts

Upcycling internal waste into beautiful, functional lighting 

Available Sizes

  • Ocean coil line art o3 small
    6.7" Dia x 4.9" H
  • Ocean coil line art o3 large
    13.5" Dia x 9.75" H

Available Stock Materials

  • LIGHTART OCEAN COIL Sea Foam material
  • Seagrass
  • Ocean coil marina swatch