We're very excited to announce a new lighting technology offered at LightArt: Power over Ethernet (PoE).

PoE is a growing, new(ish) technology that allows lighting (along with other devices – think phones, TVs, etc) to run through Ethernet cables instead of standard electrical wiring. Since a does a licensed electrician isn't necessary to run Cat5e or Cat6 cable, PoE networking cable can be run anywhere, allowing for a much greater design flexibility.

Along with being pretty easy to install, PoE is also a great smart building solution as it can collect data points and feedback allowing for end users or building management teams to monitor energy efficiency and meet their sustainability goals. A PoE lighting system eliminates the AC-to-DC power conversion within each lighting fixture, improving overall building performance.

Creating a total building integration for a centralized commission of dimming level presents and sensors.

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Currently PoE is compatible to the following fixtures:

Acoustic Empire Cube, Cylinder Shade, Empire Shade, Trapezoid Shade

Screen Shot 2022 02 04 at 10 25 59 AM
Screen Shot 2022 02 04 at 10 28 03 AM
Screen Shot 2022 02 04 at 10 29 09 AM

We are PoE system agnostic and comply with 2108 UL Low voltage code. LightArt would provide the required current and voltage requires for the fixture.

Have more questions about PoE? Reach out to us at info@lightart.com or 206-524-2223.

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