Coil Pendant

Upcycled pendant, created from recycled material into functional and beautiful designs.

  • A breakthrough line of upcycled fixtures made from our own material waste.
  • Assembled with a PVC-free power cord and finished with a TGIC-free powdered coated hardware.
  • The pendants have a delicate hand-spun look of ceramic pottery in familiar geometry and soft curves.

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From Waste to Watts

Upcycling plastic into beautiful, functional lighting

  • Upcycled Lighting Draws Color Inspiration From Nature


    LightArt's new pendants area study in scale, color, lighting technology, and sustainability. The award-winning Coil Collection now includes new shapes and material colors to the breakthrough line of fixtures made from upcycled waste.

  • Coil - How it's Made


    Over 2 years of research and development, trial and error, and traveling the country, the Coil Collection was finally born. Instead of going into a landfill, the cut-off (or scrap) from our material we use to make our fixtures is repurposed and made into beautiful, elegant, ceramic like pendants.

  • Coil - How We Got Here


    LightArt explains the process of creating the upcycled Coil Collection pendants. Working with parent company 3form we discovered new design opportunities for the base material. The Coil Collection is the result of those discoveries, includes a collection of seven pendant styles that folds handmade and material science into an exciting new lighting application.

Available Sizes

  • Lightart coil pendant style 1
    9"Dia x 11"H (STYLE C1)
  • Lightart coil pendant style 2
    8" Dia x 11" H (STYLE C2)
  • Lightart coil pendant style 3
    12" Dia X 9" H (STYLE C3)
  • Lightart coil pendant style 4
    11" Dia x 9" H (STYLE C4)
  • Lightart coil pendant style 5 2 5 1 5
    8" Dia x 12" H (STYLE C5)
  • Lightart coil pendant style 6 2 5 1 5
    9" Dia x 12" H (STYLE C6)
  • Lightart coil pendant style 7 2 5 1 5
    8" Dia X 12" H (STYLE C7)
  • Lightart D1 line drawing
    22"Dia x 11"H (STYLE D1)
  • Lightart D2 line drawing
    17"Dia x 20"H (STYLE D2)
  • Lightart D3 line drawing copy
    16"Dia x 24"H (STYLE D3)
  • Lightart E4 line drawing
    6"Dia x 24"H (STYLE E4)

Available Stock Materials

  • Lightart coil black material
  • Lightart coil limestone material
  • Lilghtart coil white material
  • Lightart coil granite gray material
  • Lightart coil red clay material


    LED module with single light emitting source, appropriately thermally managed construction to provide optimal performance. Specifiable in 2700K- 4000K in CRI>80 or CRI>90, Color accuracy within 3 SDCM.

    Beam spreads from 25 degree spot to 65 degree wide flood available, achieved with optics that are easily changed in field. Optimized cut-off to light source for glare control and visual comfort.

    Suitable for Dry or Damp Locations, indoor use only.

    E26 A-Lamp Model also available for models C1–C7. Source lumens 800, delivered lumens approx. 550,


    TGIC-free powder coated canopy. Stainless steel or black oxide coated cable to allow for adjustable hanging height. Made with RoHS compliant parts.

    C1-C7 hung from PVC-free power cords. D1-D3, E2 hung from a single, fully adjustable stainless steel aircraft cable. Contact studio for lengths over '20.


    6 week lead time

    CSA certified luminaire

    5 year warranty on all standard components. LED system rated for operation in ambient environments up to 25C.



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