Defining Spaces series continues with the finance and banking segment.

LightArt's innovative lighting can solve the many challenges that designers or architects find when working in these spaces. From noise control challenges, workspace needs, customer service, visual branding, and identity design.

We work and coordinate with third parties, excel at project management, budget and cost control; contributing to beautiful, functional, and smart financial spaces.

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The Acoustic Collection products can help reduce noise and maintain comfortable volumes for speech and communications. Especially important working with customers and team members.

See Acoustic Collection Products.

Lounge Areas

Lighting can define seating areas with overhead and directive fixtures. Create comfortable and inviting spaces for clients or staff to work, mingle or just take a break.

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Create a cohesive identity with color, form, and graphics. LightArt utilizes the unique material properties of 3form's Varia to create one-of-a-kind light fixtures. We can also color match to brand standards and build forms and shapes into custom pieces that create a singular experience.

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Draw clients forward with easy to follow light navigation. Use lighting fixtures as a wayfinding design technique with subtle, yet direct attention to the visitor to propel them forward. Additionally light fixtures, either beams or pendants or large Rings can help highlight the teller or information table.

Contact us to learn more about our projects within the finance and banking sector. And check out the Inspiration page for more projects. We offer project management, budget and cost control, lead times, specification control, as well as Green Building certification such as Declare and LEED. or (206) 523-2223.