Most offices incorporate one or more breakout spaces. They usually consist of an enclosed room or a soft open corner of an office. The breakout or breakaway space offers a welcome spot for colleagues to connect away from the distracting open office layout.

Als association

LightArt's sturdy LA2 line and the Acoustic Collection optimize lighting for spaces where employees need privacy for calls, small meetings, and individual work that requires quiet attention.

Check out a few of our breakout projects below.

Lightart Medline call center acoustic echo cropped
3form lightart essentials zero summit 1920
Lightart la2 essential one zovio web 2
Lightart IO box zovio web 1
3form lightart connected rings charter comm 1920
Lightart la2 essentials drum rs mckesson 1
Lightart LA2 Slim Ring French Coworking Social 1

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