How do we help employees and guests intuitively navigate their way around the workplace?

We think a key wayfinding tool is lighting. The LA2 Connected collection takes that a step further, offering an artful approach to wayfinding using color, form, pattern, and brand elements to visually connect spaces.

With the many styles of office layouts and varying design challenges, we wanted to provide architects and designers a simple solution to wayfinding.

Available as a standardized kit of Shapes, all the fixtures in the Connected line can be purchased individually and assembled in a variety of unique configuration to fit specific project needs. Connected offers designers an opportunity to integrate lighting, wayfinding, and branding into one custom solution.

Connected Rings, a specialized subset of Connected, can be used to draw attention to specific spaces and design elements. Designers can highlight a conference table, meeting pod or office space using illuminated Rings six to sixteen feet in diameter.

Designers can also use Rings as a unique wayfinding tool to bring employees and visitors together.

Using 3form Vara as the primary shade material for Connected, designers can choose from over 250+ color options. With custom configuration and color options, LA2 Connected offers an infinite amount of design solutions.

All of LightArt’s fixtures are handmade in the USA and offer precision construction, UL compliant and fully integrated LEP components, and solid-stat systems with dimming capabilities. LightArt is also the first lighting manufacturer to earn the LBC-Compliant Declare Label for lighting from the Living Building Challenge.

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