The new cylindrical pendants, Tuck and Cylinder, incorporate artisan craftsmanship with standard accessibility. LightArt is known for designing custom artisanal fixtures that wind across lobby ceilings and command large-scale conference rooms, but overtime we've noticed a shift with more designers looking for small custom cylinder pendants. In order to make these in-demand pendants easier to attain, LigthArt standardized Tuck and Cylinder with curated size, shape, and color options and elevated performance lighting cores.

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While Tuck and Cylinder are small in scale, they make a big impact. Designed to be stand-out solo fixtures or grouped in clusters, Tuck and Cylinder can line hallways for subtle wayfinding or gather together to visually anchor a space. The products also fill a gap in the market for design-forward, easy-to-specify decorative pendants that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and hues. Colorized with 3form’s translucent Varia resin material, the pendants can match design aesthetics or branding in any commercial space without the cost of complete customization.


Named after LightArt’s signature design style, Tuck’s rigid resin material is scored and folded into seams along the cylinder’s vertical axis and held in place. This creates two halves that appear as one consistent cylinder with barely visible lines.

Tuck is a brand new pendant with curated options for easy specification and cost-efficiency. Tuck is available in one signature style with an outer Varia shell and a frosted inner layer. Equipped with LightArt’s full performance lighting core, Tuck’s three curated colorways—Natural, Cinder, and Gesso—can appear moody or bright, depending on the chosen light output, location, or time of day. The pendant’s neutral colorways and performance lighting capabilities make it ideal for hospitality, retail, or healthcare settings. Designed for efficiency, Tuck is available in one size at 6.5"Dia x 12"H.



Formerly offered as a custom artisan pendant, Cylinder is now a standard fixture with added performance lighting core features, including dimming and PoE compatibility. The pendant comes in two styles: Style A features an outer Varia shell flushed with an inner frosted cylinder that illuminates the outer shell. Style B includes the same outer shell, but its inner shade extends one inch past the outer shade, creating a more ambient lighting effect.

Cylinder is available in three length options—12” H, 18” H, and 24” H—and five stock color options for a variety of standard combinations. LightArt also offers custom outer shade options from 3form’s material family, allowing specifiers to choose from hundreds of translucent colors and patterned Varia inserts like textiles and bamboo rings. Softer Varia colorways emit even ambient light while darker colorways highlight the light source for a vintage, incandescent glow.


As designers continue to prioritize health and cleanliness in shared spaces, Tuck and Cylinder are a durable, easy-to-clean option for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, retail, and more. The pendants’ Varia resin material can be easily dusted and disinfected, making it a better alternative to fabric or textile light shades.

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