A healthcare Spotlight: Nurses Stations.

An absolute vital part of healthcare design. The space must promote collaboration, support, and impromptu conversation.

LightArt's durable material and easy to clean shades help designers and architectures create a comfortable and functional information hubs within hospitals, clinics, and private practice spaces.

Below are a few of our recent projects within the Nurses Stations space.

Blossom Pendants at Baylor Scott White Hospital

Lightart blossom pendants four sconce baylor scott white hospital 1920 1

Caregivers constantly switch between patient care, administrative tasks, and information sharing. Their dedicated space must empower their efficiency and multi-tasking skills. Creating soft light output in an organic form like the Blossom Pendants an ethereal lightness to the space.

Layered Pendant at Methodist Richardson

Using color to highlight the different floors or care spaces is a great way to help visitors acclimate to the hospital space.

3form lightart layered pendant methodist richardson 1920 1
3form lightart layered pendant methodist richardson 1920

LA2 Essentials One at MHHS Pelvic Floor Health Center

3form lightart one MHHS Pelvic Health Center 1920 2

Casper Beams at Evangelical Community Hospital

Lightart casper beams evangelical community hospital web

Check out and download our Healthcare brochure for LightArt's recent projects.

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