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Aberdeen Middle School

Acoustic Static Beams + LA2 Slim Rings

Lightart acoustic static aberdeen elementary school


An education project with SFL+A architects and designers in Aberdeen N.C. incorporated Acoustic Static beams and LA2 Slim Rings.

Designers choose close to 40 Acoustic Static beams in a continuous run within the cafeteria and below in the school library.

The installation utilized the fixtures powerful and flexible lighting, with optimized acoustical performance to solve challenges in these high traffic, often loud spaces.

Lightart acoustic static aberdeen elementary school 1
  • CLIENT NAME: Aberdeen Middle School


    INDUSTRY: Education

    LOCATION: Aberdeen, NC


    LA2 SLIM RING SHADE MATERIAL: Cilantro & Wizard

Lightart la2 slim rings aberdeen Elementary school

Designers included two clusters of LA2 Slim Rings, and installed the rings at the various angles to replicate smoke rings from a locomotive.

Aberdeen N.C. was developed with the help of the train industry many years ago. Designers call reference to the city's history while shade color and installation location help note entrances to the Gym and Library.

Lightart la2 slim rings aberdeen elementary school 1

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