We're proud to introduce the new Performance Light Core-a game-changing solid-state lighting solution delivering high-performance lighting to decorative fixtures. Watch the short video.

Traditionally, decorative lighting fixtures fail to produce enough functional light for large spaces, leaving designers looking for additional illumination. Performance features and premier aesthetics must be combined to stand out in the market and support industry needs. The Performance Light Core is doing just that by providing configurable and functional lighting within sculptural and decorative forms.

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The research and development team designed the Performance Light Core by leveraging over 15 years of experience developing point source, general ambient, and accent lighting. The Core is made up of four main components: A chip-on-board LED light source, thermal heatsink, and TIR optic, paired with a high-quality, programmable LED driver. The chip-on-board LED light source provides an immense amount of light out of a compact surface area, coupled with a TIR optic that captures and focuses all of the light into functional beam spreads. Proper thermal management provides a superior lifetime rating.

The LED driver is extremely efficient and has a very low wattage consumption. The Performance Light Core replaces common socket-based LED lamps that are often limited in lifespan and performance features.


The Performance Light Core compresses the qualities of accent lighting into a compact fixture without compromising on performance. This technology provides a new lens through which we look at traditional performance lighting, producing a product that combines functionality with aesthetics for the performance market. The Core provides designers a wide range of color temperatures, lumen outputs, beam spreads, and dimming options compared to a traditional decorative LED fixture.


The Performance Light Core is not only functional but is aesthetically crafted to meet the needs of industry designers. The Core is offered in an attractive matte black and white machined aluminum cylinder with custom integrated lensing components. The lower trim is an injection-molded frosted diffuser and is completely field changeable. Users can easily change out various beam spreads to achieve their desired effect.

Staying true to LightArt’s sustainability-focused product offerings, the Performance Light Core is designed with a PVC-free cord, and TCIG free powder coating. The Core produces more lumens per watt than a standard LED A Lamp and lasts the entire lifespan of the fixture without needing to be changed—lowering maintenance costs and associated inconvenience for end users.

The Core has an optimized cut-off to the light source for glare control and visual comfort. The light output is focused into the space with variable beam spreads, while the injection-molded trim illuminates to create a pleasing glow from the shade’s interior. The new Core uses drivers that are compatible with line dimming (TRIAC or ELV) as well as 0-10v down to 1% dimming to improve flexibility for spaces. The Core comes in 2700k–4000k, 80 or 90 CRI, and has a dim-to-warm option from 3000k to 1800k. Several beam spread options are available, from narrow spot beams to very wide flood beams, to achieve precise lighting control in any space.

The Performance Light Core is currently available in the Acoustic Echo, Trellis, Empire Shade, Cylinder Shade, and the Coil Collection.

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