What a whirlwind preparing for NeoCon!

We've had such an amazing time being back in theMart. This year we partnered with our parent company 3form to showcase Align and our sustainable products–Coil Collection and Flek Pure.

Check out the virtual tour of the showroom.

When designing the 2021 NeoCon showroom, 3form’s design team agreed they couldn’t tell the story of Flek Pure and the Coil Collection without acknowledging the trial and error along the way. On the left wall of the showroom, tiles of Flek mistakes and dented, incomplete Coil pendants illustrate the arduous process behind both products.

Lightart neocon 2021 coil wall

Surrounded by perfection, 3form’s decision to showcase their mistakes is refreshing and immerses viewers intimately into their design process like never before.

Lighart neocon 2021 coil flek

The final section of the NeoCon showroom highlights the nearly 20-year timeline of 3form’s Align sustainability initiative. Marking everything from the inauguration of 40 percent recycled Varia in 2005 to the launch of 3form’s on-site health clinic and gym, the timeline illustrates the company’s continued dedication to their employees and collaborators, the products they make, and the planet we inhabit. 3form’s NeoCon 2021 showroom cements the brand as an industry leader and a conscious member of the design industry, and sets the tone for the company’s future initiatives in JUST label certification and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) certification, coming in 2022.