We're thrilled to unveil two new shapes to their ever-evolving acoustic family: Acoustic Shade in Cube and Trapezoid. Continuing to create highly functional acoustic lighting solutions, LightArt introduces these design-forward fixtures featuring clean lines and contemporary forms while boasting high acoustic performance ratings.

Acoustic Cube and Trapezoid Shade

Lightart acoustic cube trapezoid

LightArt’s Acoustic Shade makes a contemporary return this fall with two additional configurations — Cube and Trapezoid. Adding on to the line of circular shades, Cube and Trapezoid bring unique and intriguing forms to the equation.

The open shade celebrates the sophisticated, clean design of LightArts Performance Light Core for a modern spin on a style traditionally seen in residential design. Ryan Smith elaborates, “What you see, it’s all purposeful, we’re not trying to hide anything. These shades celebrate function and technology”. When clustered, the fixtures apply LightArt’s expert acoustic design to tame noise distraction and mitigate privacy concerns.


The new shades feature a double layer of material that maximizes the acoustic value of the fixture and allows for a rich color story. With the option to have the inner and outer shades differ in color, the combinations are numerous using LightArt’s 15 stock color options. The Acoustic Shade has an NRC rating of .90 and comes with a LED module with a single light-emitting source, thermally managed to provide optimal performance. E26 globe lamp models are also available. The new fixture comes in five standard sizes (ranging from 17” D x 10” H to 42” D x 23” H) with custom options available.