We are more than excited to be at NeoCon this year! We'll be in partnerships with 3form to bring Align, our join sustainability initiative to life in an immersive, museum-like showroom at NeoCon 2021.

Launched in 2003, Align represents 3form’s mission toward ecologically and socially responsible design through three main pillars: people, product, and planet. The 2021 showroom spotlights Align’s latest achievement, 3form's Flek Pure—a 100 percent recycled material with a striking, terrazzo-inspired design, LightArt's award winning upcycled Coil Collection Naturals a collection of pendants created from our own material waste, 3D printed into elevated fixtures.

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Located on the 10th floor of theMART, the showroom is grounded by a circular display at the center of the showroom, demonstrating the closed-loop life cycle of their break-through recycled material innovation, Flek Pure—a 100 percent recycled material made entirely from in-house trimmings of their signature Varia resin material—and Coil Collection pendants, which are also composed from run-off Varia pellets.

Beginning with reclaimed Varia edge trimmings, internal manufacturing mistakes, and returned Varia samples, the installation takes visitors through the process of the product being pelletized, sorted, and sculpted into Flek Pure, while the excess material gets transformed into Coil pendants. Attendees will see completed Flek and Coil pendants hanging in the installation and even feel piles of pelletized Varia material, creating an immersive, up-close experience rarely granted to the public.

Specifiers will also be able to scan a QR code next to the installation to immediately order a Flek sample kit, which will arrive at their doorstep shortly after NeoCon.


The final section of the NeoCon showroom highlights the nearly 20-year timeline of 3form’s Align sustainability initiative. Marking everything from the inauguration of 40 percent recycled Varia in 2005 to the launch of 3form’s on-site health clinic and gym, the timeline illustrates the company’s continued dedication to their employees and collaborators, the products they make, and the planet we inhabit. 3form’s NeoCon 2021 showroom cements the brand as an industry leader and a conscious member of the design industry, and sets the tone for the company’s future initiatives in JUST label certification and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) certification, coming in 2022.

Visit 3form's NeoCon 2021 Showroom at theMart on Floor 10, 10-142 from October 4-6, 2021. Email info@lightart.com with any questions!