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Acoustic Drums

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In an era where patient experience takes center stage, innovative solutions like acoustical lighting have emerged as game-changers, redefining the way healthcare environments are designed and experienced.

Background: Working with Ankrom Moisan Architects with their client Kinwell Health, a renowned healthcare facility, dedicated to providing superior patient care. They recognized the need to create an environment that promotes not just physical healing, but emotional well-being as well. The challenge lay in addressing the often overlooked aspect of noise pollution and its impact on patients and staff.

The Solution: Collaborating closely with our expert team, which includes free consultation with our acoustician, LightArt was able to review the room layout with the specifiers acoustic expectations in mind. We used data calculations to establish the best absorption amounts for their space. Integrating Acoustic Drums in various heights both lit and unlit provided the most accurate application of acoustic material into the space. This innovative solution seamlessly combines lighting and sound absorption to create a perfect solution for a soothing, comfortable, and serene environment for patients and staff.

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Key Objectives:

Noise Reduction: The primary goal was to mitigate the effects of noise pollution within the clinic. Acoustic Drums both lit and unlit were strategically placed in high-traffic areas and waiting rooms to absorb and dampen sound, resulting in a quieter and more tranquil atmosphere.

Enhanced Patient Experience: By combining high performance lighting with acoustic improvements, the clinic aimed to elevate the overall patient experience. The goal was to alleviate anxiety and stress often associated with clinical visits.

Staff Well-being: Recognizing that noise pollution can also affect staff performance and job satisfaction, acoustical lighting was expected to create a more conducive work environment for healthcare professionals.

Noise Reduction: Sound measurements demonstrated a remarkable decrease in ambient noise levels, making conversations more private and therapeutic environments more peaceful.

Design Harmony: Acoustical lighting seamlessly integrated into the clinic's design, adding an aesthetic touch that complemented the existing décor.

Conclusion: The integration of acoustical lighting proved to be a transformative step for Kinwell Health, aligning perfectly with their commitment to patient-centered care. By addressing the often underestimated issue of noise pollution, they were able to elevate patient experience, improve staff morale, and create a holistic healing environment.

  • Lightart acoustic drums Kinwell Westlake 22 12 111
  • Project: Kinwell Health

    Location: Seattle, WA

    Specifier: Ankrom Moisan Architects

    Segment: Healthcare

    Product: Acoustic Drums with and without lighting 

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