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Arch Nexus

LA2 Slim Rings

Lightart la2 slim rings arch nexus 2
  • Overview

    The architects at Arch Nexus transformed their Salt Lake City offices into a Living Building Challenge certification.

    The team included two clusters of LightArt's LA2 Slim Rings in a shared kitchen and a breakout work space.

    The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is one of the toughest green building frameworks to achieve. It surpasses LEED for sustainability, by going beyond design and into how a building performs.

  • A highlight of a LBC project is the regenerative qualities that the building must perform. The team at Arch Nexus used solar panels and rainwater to create a building that can function within its own ecosystem.

    The Slim Rings offer size flexibility with a 2.5"H profile, and are fully enclosed, and come in a multitude of color choices. We are honored that LA2 Slim Rings were chosen to be a part of this beautiful and exciting project and are committed to creating unique, durable, and sustainable lighting products.

    Read more about the project and the Living Building Challenge here.

  • PROJECT: Arch Nexus

    SPECIFIER: Arch Nexus

    INDUSTRY: Workplace

    LOCATION: Salt Lake City

    PHOTO: Kyle Ahlstrom

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