Introducing two new Trellis styles to the Acoustic Collection product line up.

The two new lighting and acoustical fixtures are a modular, cutting-edge ceiling solution. Trellis creates depth, environmental lighting, and noise absorption in one easy to specify package.

LIGHTART Acoustic TRELLIS Frame 2web

Trellis Frame offers a minimalistic design, which allows it to be a great full ceiling solution; perfect for expansive office spaces or environment, where a historically a drop ceiling would be used.

Trellis Frame also as a NRC of 1.0, making it a high performing acoustical treatment.

LIGHTART Acoustic TRELLIS Frame 5web

Trellis Wave offers a visually compelling design aesthetic with its undulating 'waves' that create drama and interest in the space.

Trellis Wave also has a NRC of 1.0, a perfect calculation to help also solve acoustical issues in any environment.


LightArt also offers free acoustical consultation with our Acoustician. We can help you find the right amount of acoustical material and lighting to make a positive impact for your project.

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Watch the video below to learn more about the Acoustic Collection.