We're shining a light on our transformative projects within the education sector. A commitment to crafting innovative lighting solutions that enhance learning environments has led us to collaborate with schools, colleges, and universities on some truly spectacular projects. Follow along as we highlight some captivating education projects, exploring the fusion of aesthetics, acoustics, sustainability, and wellbeing.

Lightart acoustic empire shade web citrine aires jasper

Acoustic Empire Shades at Ehrman Crest Elementary

The Art of Illuminating Learning Spaces

At LightArt, we understand that the right lighting can make a world of difference in educational spaces. Our projects go beyond functionality, seamlessly blending artistry and illumination. Through our expertise, we ensure that learning environments are enriched with optimal lighting that fosters concentration, creativity, and an eagerness to learn. From well-lit classrooms to inviting libraries, our designs are crafted to invigorate the mind and soul.

Lightart acoustic echo portage west middle school

Acoustic Echo at Portage West Middle School

Harmonizing Acoustics and Lighting

In the pursuit of excellence, LightArt has successfully integrated acoustic solutions into our lighting designs for educational settings. We recognize the importance of quiet, focused spaces for learning. Our projects feature carefully designed fixtures that not only illuminate but also contribute to noise reduction, fostering an atmosphere conducive to deep thought and interactive discussions. This harmonious blend of acoustics and lighting sets the stage for unparalleled learning experiences.

Lightart acoustic static aberdeen elementary school

Acoustic Static at Aberdeen Middle School

Sustainability: Illuminating Minds, Preserving the Planet

We believe in sustainability as a core principle, and our commitment extends to the education sector. Our lighting solutions embrace energy efficiency, using cutting-edge technology to minimize the environmental footprint. By utilizing eco-friendly materials and incorporating smart lighting controls, we help educational institutions contribute to a greener future. The positive impact on the environment translates into a lesson in responsible living for the students within these spaces.

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Wellbeing and Beauty: Nurturing Holistic Learning

A well-designed educational space goes beyond functionality; it nurtures the wellbeing of students and educators alike. Our projects prioritize the health and comfort of occupants by emphasizing natural light, ergonomic designs, and soothing color palettes. These elements not only enhance the learning experience but also promote overall wellness. The beauty of our lighting designs serves as a source of inspiration, elevating the aesthetics of educational spaces and creating environments where everyone can thrive.

Lightart ribbon sculpture collin college 1

Ribbon Sculpture at Collins College

Seckinger Meeting Space

LA2 Connected Shapes at Seckinger High School

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