Ribbon Sculpture

The Ribbon Sculpture combines movement, volume, curls, twirls with artistry to bring large and small spaces to life.

Part of the creative process is letting your imagination run wild and trying something out of the ordinary.

The Ribbon Sculpture lets you create, at any scale, an artistic form and design that pulls movement, color, and texture into the space.

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Custom designs made easy from inception to installation.

Available Stock Materials

  • 250+ Color Options
  • BOA Plaza Lobby - Ribbon Sculpture


    LightArt worked with the Redline Design Group to create a 110'L custom ribbon sculpture to occupy the BOA Plaza lobby in Charlotte, NC.

  • Renaissance Dallas Hotel - A Study in Movement


    Inspired by the central location of the property and the tangled network of highways in the surrounding metroplex, K2M Design came to LightArt for a sculpted centerpiece for a multistory luxury hotel lobby.