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Ehrman Crest Elementary

Acoustic Empire Shades

Lightart acoustic empire shade web citrine aires jasper


A Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2022 award winner, the Ehrman Crest Elementary and Middle School is a testament to the power of holistic design when aligned within a educational space.

Designers at CannonDesign incorporated LightArt's Acoustic Empire Shades in this large-scale, K-6 school project. The overall concept was inspired by children's museums, which use tactile, color and exploratory elements that encourage discovery. Designers were able to put those themes in the design, creating a space that takes students on a learning journey.

The 33 clustered Acoustic Empire Shades Installed within a classroom support the comprehensive design of the space. Designers used a mix of Empire Shade sizes and colors for a playful and unique application that provides both lighting and acoustical performance.

Lightart acoustic empire shade web 2
  • CLIENT NAME: Ehrman Crest Elementary and Middle School

    DESIGN FIRM: CannonDesign

    INDUSTRY: Education

    LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA

    MATERIAL: Outer Shade: Nickel; Inner Shade: Citrine, Aires, Jasper

    SIZE: 22"D x 12"H, 27"D x 15"H, 34"D x 19"H

  • Lightart acoustic empire shade web 3

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