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401 N. Michigan Ave.

Custom Acoustic Drum

Lightart custom acoustic drum 401 N Michigan 1
  • Overview

    A project with architectural design firm Griskelis Young Harrell challenged us to think big.
    The design team tasked LightArt to match the size of the reception desk at 401 N Michigan Avenue, a mixed-use Class A building in the heart of Chicago's business district.
    Coming in at 11ft Diameter, the custom Acoustic Drum fixture is a helpful beacon to visitors, as it draws awareness to the reception and check in desk within the expansive lobby space.

  • The fixture has a similar tapered shape to Acoustic Empire Shade, but follows the construction of the Acoustic Drum by including an enclosed bottom diffuser. The final dimensions are 11'-4"Dia x 9'-4" Top Dia x 4'H. The custom Acoustic Drum has a fully integrated, solid state LED system with 120-277 volt drivers, 0-10v dimming, and 3000K.

    401 N. Michigan Ave.

    SPECIFIER: Griskelis Young Harrell

    CLIENT: Zeller Realty

    CONTRACTOR: Norcon Inc.

    INDUSTRY: Corporate Lobby

    LOCATION: Chicago, IL

    PHOTO: Bradley Warren Photography

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