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1200 Fifth Ave

Cherry Blossom Sculpture

  • Overview

    The Cherry Blossoms at 1200 Fifth Ave in Downtown Seattle are a sculptural installation inspired by the Japanese architecture of the historic building, designed in 1963 by the renowned architect Minoru Yamasaki. LightArt was tasked by Nelson Worldwide, an award-winning creative design firm, with creating an inspiring and symbolic sculpture to hang in the building's entry — a welcoming symbol to employees, clients, and guests.

  • Utilizing 3form's formable resin material – Varia, the large-scale branches peppered with cherry blossom flowers were hand-formed using the pliable 3form Varia. The sculpture casts a subtle, yet impactful addition to the busy lobby space.

    The project is a great example of how entry and lobby spaces are an integral part of building spaces. In most cases, they offer the first opportunity to interact with the environment, company, and its brand.

  • PROJECT: 1200 Fifth Ave

    SPECIFIER: Nelson Worldwide

    INDUSTRY: Corporate Lobby

    LOCATION: Seattle, WA

3form's Varia can do a lot that glass can't because it's tougher and lighter. We take these concepts and really push them into something you didn't think was possible by using this material.

The calming sculpture interacts with the lobby's central spiral staircase and a mirrored ceiling. The was to create a simple and minimal installation with a big impact, highlighting the lobby's height with out taking away from the original mid-century modern detailing.

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