The Ocean Coil Collection expands with a new 100% Recycled Reclaimed Ocean Material and Pendant Shape

Making waves with the latest collection expansion.

We are proud to introduce the latest evolution of the multi-award-winning Coil Collection: Ocean Coil pendants made entirely from ocean-bound and near-shore plastic. Following the success of the original Coil Collection, which transformed internal waste into ogle-worthy 3D-printed fixtures, the ocean-sourced pendants take the brand’s sustainability impact beyond our internal waste stream.

All Ocean Coil pendants are now available in three stock colors–Seagrass, Sea Foam, and introducing Marina. The new ocean-sourced material is a blend of the green Seagrass and soft white of Sea Foam. The blending of the material pellets within the 3D printer created a soft green hue with tonal variations. The illuminated fixture creates a otherworldly glow.

Ocean coil o2 marina both lit EDIT

Tackling lighting fabrication with recycled ocean plastics was a challenge our team knew was an important step within our sustainability initiatives.

We went back to our material supplier Oceanworks®—a plastic action platform that provides brands a clear path to reduce their carbon footprint by retrieving plastic from the world’s oceans—for their shared values in sustainability and transparency. Oceanworks partners with trusted suppliers that meet international standards for business, environmental, and fair labor practices to gather contamination-free plastics for new sustainable products. The organization sources plastic from seven tiers, ranging from post-industrial to deep ocean, targeting all areas of impact on land and sea. The Coil Collection’s own ocean-bound plastic comes from mismanaged plastic waste within 31 miles of the coastline while the near-shore plastic is ocean debris collected close to land.


Ocean-bound plastic off the Honduras coast. Image credit Oceanworks.

Eight million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year, and each ocean-sourced Coil pendant diverts up to one pound into a stunning, illuminated fixture. Produced en masse, these pendants make a significant impact on ocean cleanliness. Oceanworks’ open sourcing information and material certifications also correlate with LightArt’s Align initiative of sustainability programs focused on three main pillars: people, product, and planet.

The ocean-sourced Coil Collection now consists of three pendant shapes, available in small and large sizes, offering designers even more flexibility.

Ocean Coil O1 is a petite, sphere-like shape—available in both large and small sizes—can be specified as a singular pendant or clustered arrangement.

Ocean coil o1 large marina white straight lit

The large Ocean Coil O1 in Marina

Ocean Coil O2 is teardrop-shaped pendant available in two size options.

Ocean coil o2 large seagrass black angled lit

Large Ocean Coil O2 in Seagrass

The new Ocean Coil O3 is a voluminous spherical pendant, also available in two sizes, and adds a wider diameter to the series.

Ocean coil o3 large marina white angled lit

Large Ocean Coil O3 in Marina