It’s been a busy couple of months! We're catching our breath from New York Design Week, where we exhibited at ICFF and Wanted Design Manhattan. As always it was a great time and a chance to share what we've been working on. So we’re not slacking off too much, in fact, coming back from New York has us inspired!

At ICFF we were beyond excited to present a new profile height to the LA2 Connected line. Using the New York City transit system map as our booth inspiration, we used our NEW 4” H profile beams to build a bright and versatile installation. It was a perfect example of LA2 Connected’s wayfinding applications, along with a nod to our comprehensive (250 color options, people!) color story.

The LightArt team representing at ICFF:

[gallery size="medium" columns="2" ids="1429,1427,1449"]

The 4” H has been a much asked for alternative to the standard 8” H, so our Product Design team devoted hours of research and development to transfer LA2 technologies into a lower and slimmer shade­–maintaining LightArt’s high standard for quality and durability. The new height means we can provide wayfinding and lighting design solutions for just about any space. Lower ceiling? Narrow hallways? No problem.

Snaps of our LA2 Connected lower 4" H profiles in 3form's EcoResin in Love, Butternut, Chirp and Begonia:

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Be sure to visit our website to see just what we can do with our LA2 Connected Series. Check back next week, when we’ll take a look at WANTED Design and the highly anticipated FIVE X series.