LightArt has been at the forefront of sustainable lighting innovation, showcasing a commitment to creating responsible product design and manufacturing processes.


A recent accomplishment is the Ocean Coil Collection, which demonstrates our values in solving material waste with a circular economy. This collection utilizes innovative material science, transforming recycled plastics from nearshore and ocean-bound waste into durable, functional, and beautiful light fixtures.

By repurposing these materials, LightArt creates long-lasting commercial products and contributes to eliminating plastic waste from entering our waters.

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Another noteworthy aspect of LightArt's sustainability efforts is achieving Declare Label certification across multiple product lines. These labels provide transparency about the materials used in our products, helping consumers make informed choices and supporting environmentally conscious purchasing decisions.

Declare Labels

In addition, LightArt is proud to share that our material supplier and parent company, 3form, has a strong commitment to sustainable practices and transparency. Through 3form we are able to share a Red List Free Declare Label and Greenguard Gold certifications for our Acoustic Collection. Furthermore, LightArt can offer Declare Labels, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for products made from 3form’s Varia.

These documents detail the lifecycle environmental impacts and health-related information and provide credits to projects pursuing LEED, WELL, Living Building Challenge (LBC), and any project where optimization and performance matters.

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Lastly LightArt has taken a significant step by eliminating PVC and TGIC from our hardware on all of our products.


The decision to adopt PVC-free power cords and TGIC-free powder coats sets a new standard in the lighting industry. By taking the lead in sustainable practices, we encourage other manufacturers to follow suit and prioritize environmentally friendly solutions.