Adaptable to any space, Acoustic Static Links are a modular acoustical lighting system the supplies countless solutions.

The Acoustic Collection, is our robust line of acoustically equipped lighting fixtures that solve sound-absorption challenges while delivering customizable lighting technology.

Acoustics expert Zackery Belanger of Arcgeometer, has helped along the way with laboratory and field measurements to yield a deep understanding of the performance of the Acoustic Collection as dually effective acoustic and lighting solutions. Building upon the success of Static, the original LightArt fixture that integrated acoustic design into a linear high-performing light fixture, the manufacturer has launched yet another innovative approach to linear acoustic lighting.

Static Links series from the Acoustic Collection by LightArt. Photography courtesy of LightArt.The new Static Links series incorporates a unique hub attachment that allows for modular fabrication, which so far has been absent in the market, the new construction unlocking more design possibilities and better acoustic performance. Designers can now specify configurable shapes and run lengths from three feet to eight feet, tailored to conform to any architectural space.

Static Links series from the Acoustic Collection by LightArt. Photography courtesy of LightArt.

Adopting the same type of modular approach already established by LA2 Connected, LightArt’s award-winning line of configurable lighting components, the customizable Static Link family consists of four starting shapes—L, T, X, and Y—which can be specified as a standard, stand-alone fixture or in multiples to create a linear overhead light application.

However, some environments or projects require a full ceiling application, and this is where Static Links literally stands above the pack. Each of the four fixture’s hubs act as a conduit and can be connected to build hundreds of different configurations and patterns, while designers determine the direction of the light source.

“We were the first to integrate acoustics into linear lighting," says Vice. "Now, we're taking this product to the next level. We want to inspire our specifiers to create limitless, customizable acoustic ceiling systems that elevate any architectural space.”

Static Links series from the Acoustic Collection by LightArt. Photography courtesy of LightArt.

Static Links fixtures use universal connections for easy installation, wire management and secure magnetic coupling. Blending power and connectivity through these hubs allows clients to create patterns with lit and unlit Statics within the same ceiling plane.

Stainless steel cables support the components, which are covered in Sola Felt, 3form’s PET technology, which incorporates 50 percent post-consumer recycled content. Available in 15 colors, from lemony Citrine to ruddy Ruby, the material is designed to be environmentally sound, durable, and acoustically superior.