A drum light is one of the most popular and searched for light fixture types out there. Why? Well it could be what the circular or drum like shape represents, a wholeness and natural sense of completion.

But we think it's also because of the sheer range of styles that a drum light can encapsulate.

LIGHTART AMAZON one drum light fixture

At LightArt, our drum light fixtures cover the gambit of circular to staggered fins, and geometric shapes. The idea is a drum can be many things! And our designers like to play with expectations and challenge lighting design and manufacturing.

A drum light fixture is a great lighting solution for home office, kitchen, and even healthcare and commercial spaces–the possibilities are endless.

Here's a quick look at some of our drum fixtures and the not-so-standard shapes.

3form lightart la2 zero red drum light fixture

The LA2 Essential Zero drum fixture is just plan cool. Offered in a multitude of sizes and material options, the Zero can transform any space with its efficient LED lighting.

LIGHTART ECHO ONE drum light fixture

The Acoustic Echo One drum light provides high-output and address spaces asking for a feature piece, serving as a geometric focal point with notable acoustic properties.

3form lightart loop biolabs workplace cafe cafeteria light fixture drum

The LA2 Essentials Loop drum offers a thinner profile solution to the Zero.


The Acoustic Cylinder Shade offers that classic drum fixture look but with an open core. The two separate layers of shade material provide acoustical impact while letting you choose a color-way of your choice.

LIGHTART IO drum light fixture

The I/O Drum stands for Inner and Outer shade. The outer shade made from Varia provides a unique opportunities to explore material color and patterns. The inner core uses LED technology and diffusive material to achieve soft, and consistent illumination.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our light fixture styles at info@lightart.com or call us at 206-524-2223.