LightArt launches today two new minimalist architectural fixtures designed with the brand's latest acoustic lighting technology. As designer demand for linear sound-dampening fixtures and narrow aperture lighting grows, Acoustic Stratta and Acoustic Baffle answer the call with the most slender and sophisticated design to date.

Imagined for high-traffic commercial spaces, the slim but mighty fixtures—whether specified as an individual piece or in a row—integrate seamlessly into everything from corporate gathering spaces to school auditoriums, and healthcare hallways to hotel lobbies.

Lightart acoustic stratta lit unlit officespace

Acoustic Stratta

After launching Static Links acoustic lighting collection in June 2022, LightArt was inspired to add to our acoustic linear fixture portfolio with updated construction and capabilities. After months of research and development, Acoustic Stratta now offers a premium aluminum structure and sound absorption up to 11 sabins, making it up to two times more absorbent than previous iterations.

Acoustic Stratta’s narrow aperture and slim profile is made possible by high-efficiency LED lights. Before LEDs, function dictated a light fixture’s form, resulting in bulky pieces to accommodate incandescents and fluorescents. Now, LED fixtures like Acoustic Stratta can have a minimal, low-profile design without compromising extreme functionality. Acoustic Stratta’s LED platform also includes warm dimming and tunable white and RGBW options, packing a punch in such a small fixture. Plus, with uplight, downlight, and unlit capabilities, Acoustic Stratta can create different moods to subtly enhance a designer's vision.

Downlit Acoustic Stratta in Cast.

Acoustic Stratta’s optimized design has minimal, linkable components, making it flexible and connectable for continuous ceiling applications and configurable iterations in the future. Its adaptive lighting platform is also designed for technology upgrades as the collection continues to grow. Acoustic Stratta’s forward-thinking, buildable design demonstrates how LightArt integrates the Align sustainability initiative into every product innovation.

Acoustic Strata is available in 22 Sola Felt colors with optional Ash or Oak wood end caps. The fixture is offered in 250lm/ft up to 1050lm/ft in 80 and 90 CRI and in 2700K-4000K CCT with a UGR <19.

Acoustic Baffle

For designers seeking cost-conscious, high-quality acoustic options, Acoustic Baffle is an ideal solution. Engineered with the same top-of-the-line acoustic features in Acoustic Stratta, Acoustic Baffle offers the latest technology in a budget-friendly sound-dampening baffle. For an acoustic product with such a slim, narrow profile, Acoustic Baffle has an astoundingly high reverberation impact, with a high number of sabins per fixture and a variable NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) that depends on spacing. Every sabin is the same as one square foot of perfect acoustic absorption, and . Each baffle offers the same absorption as 16 square feet of typical Acoustical Ceiling Tile (ACT). Plus, its minimalist designs allows specifiers to create linear rows or diagonal shapes across any ceiling.

“Acoustic Baffle has a streamlined, pared-down construction, offering increased acoustic performance at a cost conscious price point,” says Vice.

Acoustic Baffle is available in six sizes in one-foot increments between 3 feet and 8 feet. Acoustic Baffle is also available in 22 Sola Felt colors from soft neutrals to vibrant jewel tones.


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