LightArt Launches Acoustic Wing: Improve Sound in Small Spaces

LighArt is launching two new size options to their Acoustic Wing fixture. The new size additions of 4’L x 2’W and 6’L x 4’W, which join the current 8’L x 6’W Acoustic Wing, offer a leaner, slimmer, and more accessible acoustic lighting option. The Acoustic Wing incorporates the company’s latest Casper Beam in the center of the fixture, delivering soft and even illumination on walls and work surfaces. Additionally, the Casper Beam introduces an enhanced linear lighting system, boasting tunable white and RGB options for even greater adaptability.

Lightart wing 6ft driftwood straight 2 RGB

The Acoustic Wing’s two new sizes are a perfect addition to any project in need of an effective lighting and acoustical solution. The innovation provides specifiers with a cost-effective design, multi-functional applications without compromising on style.

Lightart wing 4ft emerald angled 2 RGB

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