Each year, LightArt's artisan team likes to step out of the studio and find creative inspiration in the world around them. This year, they looked to the world of botanicals, organic materials and the seasons to create custom pendants and I/O Drums and Boxes.

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In order to create this new interlayer we reached out to natural dyer Kathy Hattori from Botanical Colors and her talented staff to help us turn ordinary fabric into the vision of seasonal colors and textures. The end result was more than we could have asked for. The four sheets, seen below, represent Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and were created using only roots, flowers and (believe it or not) bugs.

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With the fabric complete, we left the rest up to our talented team of artisans. They had free range to build a pendant that reflected their feelings and memories towards the Season of their choosing.

We decided to create the Botanical Seasons brochure to highlight the exciting organic interlayer and the fantastic work of our artisans. To learn more about the project, visit lightart.com or call us at 206.524.2223.

Spring Pendant created by James Coury:

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Summer Pendant created by Ryan Smith:

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Winter Pendant created by Tyson White:

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Autumn Pendant created by Nick VanStrander:

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