Custom Chandelier


Custom chandeliers have been a trademark of LightArt's business for over ten years. Throughout those years the breadth of knowledge and experience in building custom chandeliers has grown to expert level.

The LightArt team can create a custom chandelier or sculptural design to fit your budget and project goals. 

With custom chandeliers, we also provide customized lighting components, built in house by LightArt's own lighting fabricators, specified to the desired light output. 

LightArt's handcrafted chandeliers are customized and built using 3form material to the density and length desired for the custom chandelier. 

Our team of craftspeople, artisans, project managers, and dedicated regional sales representatives can guide you through the custom design process. 

Each step of the way, we're here to answer questions, provide material suggestions, chandelier or sculptural design expertise, while keeping to your budget and timeline. 

Customization, handcrafted design, and excellent customer service is what sets us a part from other lighting manufacturers. Contact us to learn more about how we can help with your lighting and custom chandelier needs. 


Resource Downloads

Spec Sheets: Contact For Custom Details

3D Models: Contact For Custom Details

Photometrics: Contact For Custom Details


Available Sizes

Built to spec, LightArt's custom chandeliers are designed around your needs–whether it be a 3ft to 32ft chandelier. 

We can build! 

Stock Materials

  • 250+ Color Options 250+ Color Options


LightArt, Handmade in Seattle


CFL or LED available


Varies by project.


Lead time varies, typically 8-12 weeks

UL Compliant, additional testing/labeling available