Each holiday season LightArt challenges its self to create an unique gift for clients and friends. We tossed around many ideas always aiming to keep it simple, beautiful, and functional. We think we hit the mark with our mini Contour ornaments and desk bobbles.

A cluster of full sized Contour fixtures

Inspired by our Contour collection, released earlier this year, we wanted to create a stand alone gift that still harkens back and represents LightArt's craft and construction abilities.

The four styles of our Contour ornaments

Cut and assembled by hand in our Seattle studio, the one of a kind miniature fixtures are made entirely out of fall off material. In our efforts at zero waste, we collect and save extra material from past orders. We pride ourselves on our sustainability efforts, such as our Declare label and 40% consumer recycled products.

Once the ornaments were complete, the next step was to put each into it's own gift box, and prepare them for shipping. With all staff pitching in, we were able to pull off another successful holiday season.

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