This year we're excited to launch a unique new lighting collection at ICFF during NYCxDesign week. The new collection launches after an emerging request we heard from our customers - the difficulties of noise and privacy in the open office plan. After lots of R&D we realized that we could offer architects and designers an option to blend an acoustic solution with their lighting specifications. The resulting products are Echo, a geometric system configurable to retrofit a space, and Static, a high-performance linear beam, perfect for dimmable up/down lighting.


Lighting offers a way to get close to the source of noise without disrupting the holistic design of a space. Perfect for educational environments, office spaces or noisy lobbies, Echo and Static brighten spaces and help to foster focus.


Echo's sculptural form provides sound absorption at the ceiling like traditional acoustic systems, and its vertical components tame the room's horizontal dimensions. Echo fixtures have a range of NRC values from 0.85 to 1.00 and efficient absorptive components span between fixtures.


Static offers more than 2,000 lumens per foot of up and down lighting. It utilizes a micro structure diffuser to eliminate glare and has a 1% dimming standard. Acoustically, it serves as a high-efficiency sound absorbing fixture that is positioned close to the source. A layer of air between two layers of PET felt is tuned to absorb the human voice.

Beam STATIC 002

Available to order beginning June 1, 2017.