...and we’re back!

It’s been awhile since our last post here on Illuminate, and we’ve got lots of exciting news to talk about. We’ve been busy revamping the back-end of our website to give you the best performance and experience possible. We are now 100% responsive, and ready to load quickly on any device you’re using, whether phone, tablet, or desktop. So rest assured, loyal readers, lightart.com is ready for you, anytime, anywhere, any gizmo.

But enough of the tech talk though– onto the fun stuff! With Thanksgivukkah past us, and Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus, and New Years are just around the corner, and we’re all getting in the holiday spirit here. This year, we came across an inspiring design that we just had to share. We love seeing early resin products, and this gorgeous concentric circles of this unique Christmas tree provided the inspiration for our holiday card this year (and accompanying challenge –but more on that later).

Modern Christmas Tree designer, architect, and engineer Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker spent the majority of his professional life building A-frame modern homes in the Rocky Mountains.

The triangle shape of the A-frame was near and dear to his heart, because the business provided the money to feed his family. Money was scarce and so he sacrificed when he could. Sometimes this meant building things instead of buying them. His Christmas tree, made from early plastic resin, was the family favorite.

From the tree’s inception in the mid 1960’s, through the 70’s and 80’s, the design was refined, and the tree was decorated differently each year. These changes are documented in his detailed notes and codes, patterning the organization of ornaments and decorations used for each year, so as not to repeat himself.

It’s with much pleasure that we at LightArt pay tribute to this great designer. The resin material these trees are made from is similar to the materials we use in all of our own creations, and we are always fascinated to see its early uses. We find endless inspiration in modern classics like this one, and hope you do too.

If you haven’t already, check out the video we made as a tribute to this inspiring design and designer, and see how we used 3form Varia Ecoresin to recreate this elegant design. Then, if you were lucky enough to receive one of our limited edition cards, get your creative juices flowing and start decorating. When you’re ready, post your decorations to Facebook with the tag #LightArtHoliday. If we pick your design, you’ll win a free light fixture!

If you didn’t receive a card and want one, sadly we've run out. But don't fret! Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see how people are decorating theirs.

We hope you were as inspired as we were by the design story we’ve shared here. From all of us on the LightArt team, we wish you happy holidays and an incredible new year. We've got a big year planned for 2014, with lots of new and exciting products to launch, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store. But we'll save that for next year. For now, stay warm around the fire, relax with family, and enjoy the holiday season.