While some of us traveled to see family, others stuck around Seattle, a few hit the slopes, and all of us enjoyed some time off, we all agree Sara Duffy, our Marketing Coordinator, had the best break by far. Sara spent three and a half weeks traveling Indonesia with two friends from college and, needless to say, we’re all quite jealous.

Sara reports that highlights of the trip include the jungle flora and fauna, reuniting with her two best friends, and the overwhelming warm feeling –which is apparently hard to describe to Seattlites. Although here at LightArt we’ve forgotten what any weather other than a cold drizzle feels like, Sara assures us warmth was a magical experience.

Illuminate: What would you say was the best moment?

Sara: Definitely hiking through jungle to a waterfall –I saw a monkey!

Illuminate: And the worst moment?

Sara: On the first day, I got lost in Jakarta. Wandered around in a dark rainstorm for two hours with no idea where I was, and no idea where to go. Plus, I didn’t speak the language and didn’t have a phone.

Illuminate: Wow, how’d you find your friends?

Sara: After countless attempts, I finally found a group of men with smartphones. One of them luckily spoke English and invited me to sit with him, share some tea, and use his phone to frantically contact my friends via every online source known to man. I received a response a half hour later and was in their arms a half hour after that.

Illuminate: Nicely done. Speaking of tea, how was the food? Any favorites?

Sara: Aneka jus, which means “delicious juice.” You can get any flavor imaginable, but dragonfruit was my favorite.

Illuminate: Yum. Aside from sun, friends, and ‘delicious juice,’ what do you miss most about your time there?

Sara: Easy: not having to know what time or day it was! And wearing short sleeves at night. Or all the time, for that matter.

Well there you have it, loyal readers, if you want to enjoy your own Indonesian vacation without leaving your home, all you need to do is throw away your clocks and calendars, get a sun lamp, and jump fully-clothed into a warm shower while drinking a dragonfruit smoothie. Maybe adopt a monkey too if you want that added authenticity. Though Sara just shook her head at the idea, the rest of us know what we’re doing after work...