This week on Illuminate, we grabbed a few minutes to chat it up with Artisan Alexis Schmidt-Pederson (better known as Lex around the shop). With a great sense of humor and an eye for some of the most beautiful ways to sculpt our chandeliers, Lex is a powerhouse of artistic creativity.


Position: Artisan/Fabricator

Time at LightArt: Nearly 4 years

Famous For: Her fantastic selections of incredible costumes - ranging from chicken suits, to custom made duct tape flannel, to a repurposed child's bear costume, whatever the occasion, Lex has the perfect costume!

Illuminate: A little birdie told me that you repurpose industrial items into furniture and light fixtures in your spare time - what type of items do you build?

Lex: I am currently building some table lamps from industrial fan blowers. I am also using an old pulley system and some gears for a small desk. I still have a full basement of salvaged industrial goods!

Illuminate: Do you sell these pieces? Or is it just a hobby to make your living space more amazing?

Lex: Both. It's really hard to let these pieces go, but I have to sell them so I can get more stuff!

Illuminate: Where do you find the industrial items that you work with? Do you have a favorite type of industrial salvage material?

Lex: I get a lot of it from salvage yards, surplus stores, and thrift stores. The best stuff is found in rural areas where they still use all of it! My favorite type of materials are steel or wood - perferably together.

Illuminate: I would imagine that remaining engaged in a creative fabrication process as a pass time must help you think about things differently in your work as an artisan here at LightArt - what do you think is the biggest way your outside hobbies influence the way you approach building a LightArt fixture?

Lex: I think it just helps me process things faster. I may have made mistakes on something at home, so I know how to solve the problem faster when it comes up here. The common thread is the simplistic elegance that can come out of the pieces.

Illuminate: What do you do at LightArt in 10 words or less?

Lex: Ha! I create beautiful solutions to custom design dilemmas.

Illuminate: What is your favorite LightArt fixture?

Lex: The Sun chandelier

Illuminate: What is your favorite thing about being an Artisan at LightArt?

Lex: Being able to come to work and express myself everyday.