Zillow | Contour Pendants

workplaceSeattle, WA

Designers installed a clustered collection of Contour pendants at Zillow's headquarters. 

The project created a rich, eye-catching lighting application using the pendants to fill the length of the space with light and dimension. 

Specified by JPC Architects


Photo: Cleary O'Farrell Photography

Products Shown


Bevel (small) 21"Dia x 15"H

Bevel (large) 21"Dia x 21"H

Cove (small) 15"Dia x 14"H

Cove (large) 22"Dia x 20"H

Dovetail (small) 18"Dia x 2"H

Dovetail (large) 19"Dia x 21"H

French Curve (medium) 18"Dia x 24"H

Round Over (medium) 27"Dia x 14"H

Round Over (large) 39"Dia x 18"H 

Materials Shown

  • Translucent Suede Translucent Suede
  • Linen White Linen White