VF Corp | Echo + Static

workplaceRaleigh, NC

The Acoustic Collection is a perfect package for solving lighting and acoustical needs. 

Designers used both the Static beams and Echo pendants throughout various areas of an open office space. The end result is a beautifully modern and cohesive interior space. 

Specifier: HagerSmith DESIGN PA


Photo: Monica Slaney | photographie:fourseven

Products Shown


Echo 47"Dia x 14"H, 12-Fin, Style B

Echo 35"Dia x 14"H, 12-Fin, Style B

Static 97.5"L x 12"H x 4"W

Materials Shown

  • Sola Felt | Nickel Sola Felt | Nickel
  • Sola Felt | Cast Sola Felt | Cast


LightArt Acoustic Collection Testing