West Chester University | Contour Cigars

educationWest Chester, PA

West Chester University's installed six Cigar pendants in varying sizes and materials in a student commons space. The designers chose a material called Paper Cut for their Cigars, which is made from strips of recycled paper, creating a wonderfully textured appearance. 

The project is a great example of using custom material options on LightArt's standard products, can create stunning, one-of-a-kind lighting solution for any space. 


Photo: Miles Kennedy | Specifier: Brinjac Engineering

Products Shown


  • (2) 18"Dia x 72"H
  • (2) 18"Dia x 95"H
  • (2) 18"Dia x 119"H

Materials Shown

  • Varia Ecoresin | Paper Cut
  • Varia Ecoresin | Paper Cut + Cobalt
  • Varia Ecoresin | Paper Cut + Curry