Blossom Pendants - 51Fifteen Restaurant

hospitalityHouston, TX

The 51Fifteen restaurant within Saks Fifth Avenue department store in Houston, showcases LightArt's Blossom pendants. The project applied the Blossoms as a clustered ceiling application in the entrance way, directing guests inward while signifying the unique and glamorous space. 


Photo: Contour Interior Design

Products Shown


  • (120) 12-20" Dia
  • (60) 22-30" Dia

Materials Shown

  • Rings: Varia Ecoresin | Wizard
  • Varia Ecoresin | Pure Gold
  • Varia Ecoresin | Thunder x2
  • Varia Ecoresin | Pewter + Pewter
  • Varia Ecoresin | Paper Cut + Cobalt