Bank of America Plaza | Custom Ribbon Sculpture

workplaceCharlotte, NC

Designers at Redline Design Group needed a unique art and lighting installation for the new Bank of America Plaza lobby. The space boasts high ceilings, expansive reception space along with tall ceilings that look out onto a bustling business district. 

LightArt first created a mock up of what the piece, seen in the images above. Once the overall look and size was approved LightArt got to work creating this one of a kind installation. 

The Ribbon Chandelier that centers the designer was inspired by the Charlotte Hornet's basketball team name. An important element to this piece was to include a unique reference to the city of Charlotte. 


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Overall dimensions: 110'L x 15'W x 6'H

Ribbon Chandelier: 6'Dia x 6'H


BOA Plaza - Custom Ribbon Sculpture